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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Graffiti letters Wild Style on Train

Graffiti Design On Train

A very popular graffiti writing style is the wild style graffiti. Just as the name suggests, the styling of the text is in a “wild” manner. The text is blended to a large extent and is decorated at length. This decoration along with the blend makes the entire style very difficult to read and comprehend. Besides these styles, there are various other graffiti writing styles that are slowly and gradually gaining in popularity. Some of these styles include the shadow style, the puzzle graffiti writing style, the softy letter style, the wiggles graffiti style, and the Chinese graffiti style. There are numerous other types of graffiti writing styles that are also steadily gaining in popularity.

graffiti letters,graffiti wild style
graffiti letters,graffiti wild style

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