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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Murals Graffiti Street Art

Design Murals Graffiti Street Art

Often we see on the street a street art is very beautiful. And doves time to time writing graffiti on the wall progressed very rapidly, starting from the emergence of a new style of graffiti art in the writing itself, and the techniques of writing it. from year to year, many emerging graffiti artists had a professional or amateur.murals graffiti,graffiti art

Probably the most prevalent graffiti form is that of the "hip-hop" style, and that is the school we are particularly going to focus on.

murals graffiti,graffiti art
Centered around the pseudonym the graffiti writer endeavours to get his name the most exposure possible. "Taki 183" the alias used by a Greek kid from Manhattan in the late 60's was the first to be noticed by the general public. The notoriety created by such publicity writers helped fuel each fame and give birth to hundreds of new graffiti writers. With more writers tagging, different styles and techniques had to be developed to make a persons work stand out from the rest. The 70's is when the styles of lettering increased in its evolution - 3D, drop shadows, intricate color, fill ins, readable letters straight, Wild style illegible letters, backgrounds and characters pushed previous boundaries.

murals graffiti,graffiti art

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