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Saturday, January 8, 2011

new years rant.

Im not a fan of all this Happy New Year bullshit. Time continues on with no change, and things feel no different, so I wont be all in your face with some new year shit!
fuck christmas as well while im at it.. There are some real slim pickings at the moment, but then January is always slow for decent music. Theres always a big rush of lps from artists who want their album to be the first one dropped in 2011. Between us, Len and I get through around 40 lps a week, looking for music to play on the radio show and for the 60 min cd series. Out f the 20 lps I got this week, I found 8 tracks.
I give each track about 5 seconds to catch me with the production or the tune or the break. I often dont get as far as hearing the rhymes, cos why would I want to listen to good rhymes over wack music?
This means a couple of things:
1.the current trend of slow plodding off beat tempos in production these days is destroying the old boom bap feel of uptempo beats
2. It makes for a real depressing listen on the radio or a mix. It takes 4 times as long to get a decent tracklist together.

I know that other hosts of podcasts are having the same trouble as us, as finding decent music is hard. REAL hard.
But the idea of the radio show and the 60 cd mixes are to open your ears to new music and artists you may have not heard before, so when the going gets bad, we resort to digging in the crates.

A quick word to producers.
Make your shit interesting or no one will listen to it for over 10 seconds, let alone buy it. Hip hop music has never been more disposable in the era of internet downloads. An Lp which probably took someone 4 months to write and produce took me less than 90 seconds to skip through. People may say Im destroying hip hop by downloading peoples work.
You really call these shit produced LPs work? The wack producers are the ones destroying hip hop, not me.
You really think I have the money to spend on 20 lps a week on vinyl? If I like an Lp I will go out and buy it like most of the Freestyle Professors work. But please, dont say Im killing the music scene cos its managing quite well on its own to kill itself.
Track digging is as hard as its ever been at the moment. This is the reason the 60min cd series mixes are so far apart, as its taking 3 times as long to get 20 songs together.
Try it for yourself.
Go to your favourite music blog and download 20 lps by artists you have never heard of before with lps all released in 2011. See if you get 8 tracks or more that you think have that real hip hp feel.
Im interested if you do.

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