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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

UGSB gets a mention on Delusionists new track "Digital Connects"

The internet equivalent to those home made uk graff and music mags back in the early 90s.
There are loads of decent Uk blogs putting out info, news, music, video, pictures and making hundreds of people around the world aware of whats going on in that particular bloggers world. The Delusionists have compiled a list of their fave blogs and incorporated them into a flow. Check the video out for some of the blog you may or may not know about. Thanks to the guys for the mention, its not often I get feedback from anything I do on this blog, and this makes it worthwhile to know that at least some people are checking it out.

And if any blog wants to use ANYTHING I have ever posted, please feel free to do so, just give credit to the original place you got it from.

"This rap shit *Beats Laying About*,
so I had to take a minute dedicated a shout,
To every *Hip Hop Connection Digital* direction providers
Who act like a *Sensei* and guide us.
 Through these *Hip Hop Chronicles* of Riddick like Vin *Diesel*
*U-Music* buffs must have been puffing them *Cocaine Blunts* (just a quick toke),
*Hip Hop Isn’t Dead*, nah it just eloped to the *Big Smoke*.
Believe the *Hip Hop Hype Dog*,
If you ain’t heard of us you ain’t checking for the right blog.
*Oh Word?* You never heard the fly chatter
Of a *Bonafide* nutter on a *Certified Banger*?
My *Style43* times nanger than most,
To redefine *The Meaning of Dope* rhyme patterns and quotes.
*The Underground Strikes Back* from the great depression
With *Bare Beats* in them *Basement Sessions*.
You might hear one or *2DopeBoyz*,
*No Airs and Graces* and prone to make noise
Like “mate what you want!?!” Stay *Blatantly Blunt*
Pushing *UKHH* straight to the front (that’s us!).
Repping *UK** All Day*,
Be careful ‘cause *Life Just Bounces* away
When you play with *Vocal Swords* that slaughter chumps,
*Better Wake Your Daughter Up*, if that bitch is sleeping.
Had to switch to a *Different Kitchen*,
‘Cause the raw *Unkut* left the kitchen reeking.
With something different to these drug-obsessed amateurs
And only push dope via *Suspect Packages*. (Yeah)
And the beat plays on
And we don’t stop rocking ‘til the *DJ Gone* (gone).
God willing we can make *Top* *Billin’ Above Ground*
Without dumbing down to a club sound.
*Strictly Independant*, my brothers and me
And you can hit the button marked *RWD*
And you’ll agree that it’s wack, *Nah Right*, shit’s *Fat*
*Lace* lyrics with links just to give love back
To all the digital connects."

Im currently listening to their album, and recommend you give these guys a listen. You can have a preview right here - If you want to see their website then surf your way over (, using the code "digifam" at lets you lucky UGSB blog readers get 25% off the download of the album.

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