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Friday, December 31, 2010


Wanted to say thanks to everyone for continuing to visit the blog, and also for getting the Dead Men Walking blog off to a great start back in March.
No idea what 2011 will bring, hopefully less artfaggyness, and less of blogs telling me what supposedly good graff looks like, even though some work done last week looks like something from 1972.
I havent had chance to speak to my man Len much in the past week due to me having final stage HIV, (well it feels like it), but as long as he keeps pumping out the show every friday, there will be a download shortly after!
Also after some desktop disaster I accidentally deleted the latest 60 min tracks! I know, call me cockosaurus rex, but it wont be long till another one is up and avaialble for DL.

We will continue to give you the real shit..


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