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Monday, October 26, 2009

Amazing Graffiti Art

Culture of Debt

Each graffiti writer has been given the gift of great cultural and art forms that allowed their expression and the ability to say things previously untold. It's a hell of debt to carry, but any writer can make something for pay. The best way to restore the culture is to contribute something individual and unique to go back.

graffiti art, murals graffiti
Once again, return to this style. Besides achieving a personal benefit from developing their own voice, if I do the work necessary to create a style that is truly unique and personal, they have begun to repay the culture that supports them. Individuality is a difficult, lonely - and writers out there who might be reading this if you have not bothered to develop your own style and content to create beautiful images that feed work many others, considers himself a leech crop. You do not have a business in a vital art form if you do not do anything to remain important.

murals graffiti,graffiti art
However, many people who say "fuck the Convention, I prefer the original rather than good." Through hard work, the authors have developed a personal artistic voice that they can say anything, and gave the substance of their work that will last throughout the ages. These are people who have actually returned to their culture. This graffiti, famous among us or not, shall be entitled to the things we all aspire.

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