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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Murals Graffiti Art

Being graffiti art and improving own standard

Many graffiti artists ( "author") complained that the graffiti is dead, the old values of respect for the originality and move it happened. This is not true. Issues that have been sufficiently developed with the media. Graffiti has become more and suffer from what might be called the "culture more and more pain." In the early days, graffiti face many people ask "but is it art?" At present, a glimpse through the collection of modern graffiti - like Art Crimes - Graffiti will be a specific work for all but the most conservative observers. Most have something to do with the explosion of the penalty the legal world in graffiti art during the last ten years.

While some people do not consider graffiti an art to be illegal, few people can discuss sanctions with labor law. Graffiti prompted the aerosol of technical possibilities, to the point where they are parallel to those of the brush. With endless possibilities of creation, graffiti now have more important issues to address. What, specifically for graffiti, doing a good job? Moreover, what is the responsibility of the artist to have culture, and how the route in making a good job?

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