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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Art Graffiti Alphabet in Style

Hollywood, point it All

For most people, graffiti is at least partly a quest for identity. Psychologically, it's pretty obvious, for actions someone has left a mark associated with assertiveness since time immemorial. However, because today there are so many people out there do this, each participant tries to do something special in the way they write their names in order to stand out.

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Graffiti is a big challenge to create a design framework for the letters of a name that is personally designed to allow the expression of attitudes, opinions, emotions, and spirit. Because the group of letters in the name of a cat does not change the way they painted what was to convey a message. For example, I am always painting S, O, N, I and a K in that order, but in each table, I have another message that I wish to convey. To have a personal meaning to be reflected in my paintings, I paint with the same style of each individual. If I paint in order to really mine, I'll have a sound that was really mine. With a voice completely private, I can send the message that all too personal, without losing its meaning.

The style does not make sense of a serious work of graffiti, but it is the only effective way of meaning can be communicated in writing. Style is how you present an idea. That's how we create the framework and foundation for all his work. In addition, it is true that there are voices within each of us, a voice that has so often hidden by years of behaving like everyone else. The framework is a framework of self-style. Hollywood, coward, is the equivalent of artistic enlightenment. This means that to truly know a person.

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Once established a style, the documents prepared for the perpetrators of graffiti significantly: the design and shape of the letter means something outside of faux finishing all the arrows and connections used for goals, and played a role in the play than just saying "Look!" With a strong personal style, you can experiment and learn new methods of rendering the image without a trivial job.

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