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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Modern Murals Alphabet Graffiti Letters And Graphic Design

Modern Graffiti Graphic Design

Graffiti has its own characteristics in each work is created. In accordance with the characteristics of the artists who create, manufacture feature is used to inform the recipient that there are features like the picture shows the identity of the maker graffiti art.
Some graffiti artists have made their work or their Distinctive pieces so that they can be recognized on sight as the author of a particular piece - just as artists like Picasso were distinguishable for their own contemporaries in a particular art movement. Graffiti has found favor most particularly in areas where there is a large population of under privileged youth. Graffiti is a young art form and it is also a form that is mostly indulged in by young men - Modern graffiti is often also associated with the musical rave of hip-hop and rap.

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