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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Enter the Battle - 28th Nov

Probably the most unique, one of a kind bboy events the Uk has ever seen, Enter the Battle promises to blend martial arts, tricking and bboying into one arena for one special night on 28th Nov. Live on one stage , some of the worlds most talented dancers come together to fight it out for your pleasure.
For more info, dive over to the official website, and get those tickets before they sell out! There are also coaches available to the venue from various points around the UK. More info is on the website.
This is really shaping up to be one very special event for all fans of martial arts and bboying, and any event which has Ivan the Urban Action Figure means its worth the ticket price alone just to see him. It really is an event for all ages, and there will be a name on stage event the youngest to the oldest hip hop fan will recognise, be it stars from the StreetDance 3D movie, The Future Bboys, Damien Walters from Jackie Chan Stunt Team, or the Shaolin UK team or Steady from Flawless or bboy Ivan himself.
There are thousands of pounds worth of cash prizes up for grabs as incentive for an all out war onstage between the 3 different styles of dance, which will make for a very interesting battle.
Bring your wallet as there will be mucho merchandise to commemorate the fact you were there.
The whole event is being brought to you by the relentless UK promoter Mick Mott aka Blue Eyes, the person who brought you the best event the UK has ever seen, Fresh 97.
 For any fan of hip hop, this is going to be something you will not want to miss.
Remember, all the details are on
 In the meantime, peeps some of the promo imgaes that have been kicking around the net from the last 3 months or so..
Tickets are selling fast, so get yours via the ticketmaster website.


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