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Friday, May 28, 2010

Cool Alphabet Graffiti Street Art Design

Cool Alphabet Graffiti Street Art Design | Street Murals Graffiti Alphabet

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Cool Alphabet Graffiti Street Art Design

The origin

Where it came from graffiti art, graffiti is now very much his fans?

Very hard if you find where it came from this graffiti. What is certain since the days of the war of independence, we have expressed the desire for independence through graffiti.

Although with the skill and equipment that are simple, the concept of writing and the wall became the most secure media to express their opinions in secret at the time.

The term graffiti alphabet was taken from the Latin language, which means writing Graphic. Initially the term was used by archaeologists to define the writings of the ancient buildings of ancient Egyptians and Romans.

On development, the graffiti around the 70s in America and Europe eventually expanded into urban areas as identity mushroomed in urban alleys. Because the image is less good, in fact already become the scourge of graffiti to the security of the city. The reason is considered to provoke a war between groups or alley. Worse, not only done on a blank wall, tagging was waged in the subways.

In America alone, every state had their own rules to silence the graffiti. In San Diego, California, to New York, all have laws stating that graffiti is illegal. To punish all the perpetrators, the graffiti also divided into two types.

The first is the gang graffiti. Namely the identification of graffiti that functions as a regional power by writing the name of the alley, alley combined, the members of the gang, or writing about what happened in the alley.

The second is graffiti tagging. That type of graffiti is often used to fame a person or group. More and more graffiti of this type were scattered, the more famous the name of the manufacturer. Hence this type of graffiti tagging alias need the signature of its writer or a bomber. Such work is the responsibility!

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