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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Street Art Graffiti Alphabet Murals And Tribals With Nice Design

Street Art Graffiti Alphabet Murals And Tribal With Nice Design

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graffiti art, graffiti murals, graffiti tribal

graffiti tribal, graffiti alphabet, graffiti murals

Graffiti is often seen as a young child's search for identity or to simply show their existence. Their action was often confronted by the city (patrol units) and even not infrequently also confronted by the police because the action is seen as damaging. Existence bomber who has become a youth subculture is seen as a revolt of the urban structure more acceptable. Although on the other side of a cynical view of them still exist. In the 1980s, graffiti littered the walls of the city and often wrote about their gang or school almamater's name. These often spark violence between groups, but over the times, it seems that graffiti not only write the name of the group, but also present a more artistic and not merely as tags. Until then as the development of a lifestyle that is supported by the mass media as well as magazines and books that discuss graffiti abroad or from the Internet, making graffiti can no longer be viewed as a political form of differentiation, but merely claim to be just a trend. Graffiti Alphabet was present as their existence to the sign of the times represented by lifestyle trends and this is more strongly reflected than showing their identity that are full of ideological differentiation.

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